UP [2014]

Choreography: Jozsef Trefeli and Mike Winter

Danse: Leif Firnhaber, Gyula Cserepes, Dávid Mikó, Amaury Réot, Carl Staaf, Mike Winter |alternating dancer: Kilian Haselbeck |

Music: Charles Mugel

Light Design: Laurent Junod

Costumes: Toni Teixeira

60 minutes

1st performance in October 2014

The rounded-backed, focus-dropped, sound-cancelled, internet/smartphone/tablet-addicted Y Generation is considered to be a demographic at risk of alienating itself into a society of physical isolation. As an antidote, UP, a new choreography uniting 6 amazing male dancers, aims to heighten the communal senses of the vertically challenged incorporating a dynamic lifting vocabulary with raw energy to an exhilarating result. UP presents an intelligent approach to altitude combining quirky efficiency and nonchalant spectacle. UP is an enigmatic state inspiring immediate enthusiasm. A choreographically well built, physically challenging and demanding contemporary dance performance that awakens the audience to the theme of elevating the spirit. Using influences of male action and reaction, combined group power, rhythm and risk and emphasising virtuosity and originality, UP promises a purely uplifting experience.